Without a doubt Huskies are the escape artist of the dog world. If you think your fence is tall enough, you’re wrong. If you think they can’t dig underneath it, you’re wrong again. Huskies can jump vertically as high as 10 feet. If they are set on getting underneath something they can dig a tunnel like they’re digging to China. A good tip to keep your husky from doing these types of activities is to keep them exercised and entertained. Huskies will usually only try to escape if they feel bored or have too much energy to spare.

Huskies have a high metabolism. They can go a long way on very little food. Their ancestors were bred to travel very long distances while pulling loads on very small amounts of food. If a Husky is full they will not eat. In the same regard if a Husky has been an active, they will eat much less food. If a Husky is getting plenty of exercise they will eat a little more. Huskies tend to become bored of their food after a while. If you decide to change your Huskies diet, make sure to do it slowly and gradually. Changing their diet too quickly can cause an array of health issues.