I absolutely love this game and I absolutely hate this game. Yes, it is a love-hate relationship. Rockstar has gone and done it again. They launched a game that was not done, not complete but claimed that it was and put the word beta on it. Sure the single player campaign seems mostly complete, but the online version of the game has some serious serious issues.

Griefers, Griefers Everywhere!

Yeah I know it’s an online PVP game. I know it’s set in the wild wild West in the late 1800s. But what boggles my mind, is that when you do kill another player you get absolutely nothing out of it. There is no gain, no rise of any kind of a letter, no rewards, no awards, and simply only serves to grief the other person. Now this isn’t a big deal when you happen to have a shootout at the okay corral as it were. But when you log into the game hoping to go hunting and find yourself some perfect quality pelts and some really good venison meat but instead you find yourself being shot over and over and over again, this is soul sucking. That said, there is an option to change lobbies quickly. Since rockstar has added this feature I have found it easier to get away from the gray furs. You simply press left on the D pad, go to online, and then choose an area to free room. It’s pretty quick and if you find that red dot coming at you right after killing you over and over again, you can usually get through this menu and change lobbies before they can hit you again.

Now For The Good Stuff

Saying that my only major gripe are the gray furs, there are a lot of redeeming qualities about this game. Rockstar once again did an incredible job on an immersive world. There are five major areas on the map right now all with unique ecosystems. You can visit the city St. Dennis which is fashioned after old town New Orleans. You could find yourself out in the desert which is fashioned after New Mexico and Arizona. You could find yourself wandering across the lazy stream that feeds into a raging river with white waterfalls cascading mountains and rock cliffs and elk abound. The world is simply breathtaking. Beyond these statements I won’t leave much more the imagination. Check out this video below to see a full review on Read Dead Redemption 2.