To make sure that you have a fun and enjoyable camping trip with your family, we’ve put together some useful tips for staying safe and warm out in the wilderness.

1 Don’t Feed the Bears!

If you live in camp in an area where bears cohabitate, you’d be wise to pack up all your food before dark in airtight containers. Bears love tasty treats just as much as humans, and they’ll take whatever they can get their paws on. A bear won’t normally attack a human while rummaging for food, but why take the chance right?

2 Practice at Home First

Sure setting up a tent may look easy especially with all those nifty pictures on the boxes, but when it comes to setting up a tent out in the wilderness it can be a bit challenging. Especially if you end up having to set the tent up with little daylight to spare her while being rained on. If you practice at home first this will give you a solid run through on setting the tent up and it will be much easier to do once you get out in the wilderness.

3 Pick The Campsite Before You Leave

Try to pick out your campsite before you leave home. This can save a lot of time, gas, energy, and stress. Use Google or your favorite search engine to search areas that you and your family would like to explore and fish. Call campsite directors ahead of time and find out if they have spots available. Many times, you will arrive at a campsite or campgrounds only to find there are no available spots. Campsite usually give out sites on a first-come first-served basis. It is always best to find out ahead of time.

4 Extra Padding – Your Rear End Will Thank You

There’s nothing like getting out in the wilderness and finding that all you had to sit on as a log or a rock. Sure, it may seem rustic and cool but after an hour to your butt is going to regret it. Bring Paco pads to place underneath your air mattresses or your bedding. This will make your night of sleep more enjoyable and restful.

5 Bring Games

Bring games with even if it’s just boardgames. If you plan to spend any amount of time out in the wilderness you may find there are specific times were you wish there was something else to do besides Littlewood. A good old fashion game of Uno or poker or rummy might fill that void.

6 Go During the Week if you Can